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SAG-maps (SM). Author: Sergey Goulyaev

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REVOLUTIONARY new patches! You will never see Carto/Hill and some other objects on the map...more details here: Download patches

Latest version of Autosaver 1.25 is available see details below

Simple heroes chat place: HEROES CHAT

Standard default rules:

Fight misplaced guards (FMG) rule:
"Misplaced guard" is a guard (monster) that is not guarding anything - this is error of random map generator. On Random Maps, ALL misplaced guards MUST be fought (this means you may not walk around a creature in order to pick up a Pandora''s Box, a Treasure, Artefact, Utopia or other object as well as you can not walk past the guards for breaking the middle.) In case there are multiple misplaced guards for example at the middle break, you must fight "1" of the stacks (the higher level of creature stacks...for example; there are black dragons, wyverns and vampire lords, you must fight the dragons. If there are 2 stacks of the same level, then the player may choose which stack they attack). Also, you may not enter another zone if there is definitely misplaced mountain or other object that allows you to pass without fighting any guard.
Note: guards near resource mines are considered to guard only mine itself - you may pick up resources near mine without fighting guard.

- no Necro (you can''t select Necropolis as STARTING town. However, you can use Necro skill and build up necro towns if you will find them)
- no Scrolls Level 4 - 5 (you can''t use magic scrolls with spells Level 4 - 5)
- no Diplo (you can''t take, level up Diplomacy skill and join monsters. If you got Diplomacy skill from Scholar or in other way - this hero becomes banned and must be dismissed when he gain +2 levels)
- no Joiners (you can''t join wandering monsters even without Diplomacy skill)
- no Log (heroes with Logistics speciality are banned)
- no Grail (you can''t build Grail in towns)
- no Carto (you can''t visit Cartographer)
- no Hillfort (you can''t upgrade creatures in Hillfort)
- no Cloak of Undead King (you can''t assemble this combo artefact)
- no DD/Fly (you can''t use Dimention Door and Fly spells as well as Angel Wings artefact)
- no Red Rush (Red player can''t attack Blue on Day 1 of ANY week with NEW army. Red can attack with OLD army even on Day 1)
- no Hit & Run (you can''t hit another player with offensive spell and retreat or surrender straight away - you must give turn to your opponent (e.g. Magic Arrow or Armaggeddon))
- no Disguise spell

Banned heroes:
Sir Mullich, Adela, Ryland, Solmyr, Cyra, Aislinn, Thant, Isra, Vidomina, Alamar, Jeddite, Deemer, Ciele, Kyrre, Gunnar, Dessa. You can''t pick them as starting hero. If you get any banned hero in game (e.g. in prison) - you can use him until it gain +2 level from the level at the moment of purchase.
Then you must dismiss banned hero till the end of your turn. Example: you found Deemer of Level 10 in prison. You can use him until he reach Level 12.

Conflux creatures rule:
Players can''t ever buy/build Level 7 creatures from Conflux town.

If battle ends in a draw - then attacking player must flee (example: attacking player has 1 Ghost dragon and flies away from horde of Golems).

player can restart during first 3 own turns in case if his Wood or Ore mine is blocked with:
- Level 3 monsters or
- Level 2 shooters or
- Level 2 horde or
- Level 2 lots Wolf Raiders or
- Level 1 Master Gremlins /Pikemen - horde or
- Level 1 throng
Player can take restart if second town on Balance template is blocked with monster listed above.
Player can take restart if there is no road from starting town.

players must restart in following cases:
a) if one player attacked another before Day 8
b) starting hero is not Level 1
c) player does not have Fort or has more than 1 town at start

Map is created with following settings:
2 players, 0 computers, all teams =0, water = none; monster = strong; time limit = 4 min

See OPTIONAL information about Game modifiers on page "Modifiers"

Autosaver 1.25 is a useful utility which saves a collection of autosave.gm2 or other files into separate folders. Collection of saves can be used to check opponents tactics after the game or to check if opponent played honorably.

Another features:

  • random template changer. It allows to switch to your favorite template in 1 click!
  • game statistics recorder


Best regards,
Sergey Goulyaev

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